Weird page?


22/03/08 - A few days ago I noticed that the page was doing really strange things when viewed under IE7. I just have one thing to say, you did a bad selection when you choose to use IE7. The basic problem is that browsers do whatever they want with the so called "standard" html, so it will be difficult to mend it.

24/03/08 - I found the mistake, a tag which was not closed...


A nice campaign

26/12/07 - Yesterday I found by accident this interesting campaign at Free Software Foundation to remind you about the marvellous advantages of using the new operating system.

Is this a blog?

I don't think so...

26/12/07 - Just to clarify things, I'm not going to update this page every day, or very often, but in some way it could be considered as a blog.

Finally update!!

26/12/07 - Finally I update my page after a long long time of inactivity.