V4l patch instructions

Here there are some step by step details on how to get the patch working

Just yesterday (21 march) I released a patch wich adds support for some cards. I guess it would be integrated on the current v4l source soon, and at the kernel some day... This page is for the impatiens who can't wait.

This patch introduces support for dvb-t for the following dibcom based cards:

Terratec Cinergy HT USB XE (USB-ID: 0ccd:0058)

Terratec Cinergy HT Express (USB-ID: 0ccd:0060)

Pinnacle 320CX (USB-ID: 2304:022e)

Pinnacle PCTV72e (USB-ID: 2304:0236)

Pinnacle PCTV73e (USB-ID: 2304:0237)

Yuan EC372S (USB-ID: 1164:1edc)

The patch can be downloaded here; patch

Let's go for it!!

First get the needed packages (if you're using ubuntu or debian);

sudo apt-get install build-essential mercurial gcc linux-headers-`uname -r`

Then if you have a Terratec or Pinnacle 320cx you need to download the firmwares (plural, there are two needed, the one from the dibcom chip, the usb bridge, and the one for the xceive tunner). If you use one of the other cards, you just need the firmware for the dibcom chip. For this there is an excelent firmware developed by Patrick Boettcher wich can be download directly on his page here. Once downloaded all firmwares must be copied to /lib/firmware/ folder. For the xceive firmware I will explain later how to get it (with the extraction tool).

Next step shoud be to download the drivers source (oficial v4l-dvb in developement);

hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb

Once downloaded if you go to /linux/Documentation/video4linux/ and have a look at extract_xc3028.pl it explains how to get the xceive firmware.

Next step would be to apply my patch. Of course since the code is under developement the patch can fail or the code of the patch can be already in the source (that would be the best case). If the patch fails you will have to have a look at the source code. To apply the patch you need to copy the patch inside the v4l-dvb directory and then just;

patch -p1 -i Dibcom-rev3.patch

If something goes wrong you can have a look on the source code and try to patch it manually adding what's on the patch to the files; v4l-dvb/linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-ids.h and v4l-dvb/linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dib0700_devices.c

Before start compilation I recomend to do from v4l-dvb directory a

make menuconfig

and just select the dibcom related stuff, since it will speed up compilation and you will not screw-up other drivers that you may have working in your computer.

Once everything it's in place the rest is easy;

make && sudo make install

Then just plug the card and it should work!!

I leave a dmessg to compare, it's for the pinnacle 320cx but it would be very similar to other devices. The xceive firmware stuff is displayed when you start some software to scan with the device, but not on connect; dmesg

Update 23 march

You can download the code patched on patrick's tree:

hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/~pb/v4l-dvb/

Then you just need to compile and install.